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Catch Eric Davis' BOUFFON Workshop & John Beale's RED NOSE CLOWN WORKSHOP as part of a unique line up of guests for the IPAN Weekend Workshop Exchange in Paris May 2 & 3 or take the these Terrific Clown Workshops 8, 9, 10 MAY in Paris.  

BOUFFON: The Anti-Clown - with Eric Davis

In the world of Bouffon, the audience is the joke. Bouffons show no vulnerability. Their great joy is to parody the audience, its values and flaws. This pack of grotesque outsiders engage the audience with great joy, intelligence & charm. They are disgusting, yet beautiful. They hate you, yet they flatter you. The Bouffons are the ultimate manipulators, a ferocious social satire about to explode, liberating the energy in the room with an immense pleasure to parody and to play.

Cirque Du Soleil's lead Clown in
Quidam and Director of the NY Clown Theatre Festival, Eric Davis will turn your world upside down. His class in Bouffon will massively widen your acting range, your relationship with the audience, your improvisational abilities and reinform everything you know so far about theatre.  In this workshop, participants will explore:Connecting with the audience, Parodying societal maladies and hypocrisy, Creating complex physical characters, Playing upon contrasts of theme and rhythm,Being 100 % present and captivating.

Eric Davis is New York based, his original creations have won him both critical and audience acclaim. He performs and teaches internationally.  Credits include the clown in Cirque du Soleil’s highly celebrated production Quidam, as well as being contracted for developmental workshops of Cirque du Soleil’s Kooza, under the direction of Tony winner David Shiner, and Cirque’s 2009 Touring Production. Eric has trained in Pochinko clown technique and Bouffon with masters Sue Morrison as well as Phillipe Gaulier. He has also been a practitioner and teacher of improvisation, movement, Lecoq technique, and mask for over 15 years.  For further information see websight:


This workshop is about finding out what's not boring about you, lifting up the blinds and plugging yourself back in. Exploring the pleasure to be in the spotlight, to be complicit with an audience and not shy away.  The workshop begins with Le Jeu, exercises and games to wake up your childlike play pleasure. Then, graduate to Red Nose - the smallest mask in the world. The purpose of the nose is not to hide you but to reveal you. In Red Nose, we will share our game pleasure and find our authentic presence.

John Beale is a graduate of the Philippe Gaulier International Theatre School in Paris, France. He has also trained, performed and taught extensively with Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, Massachusetts. He holds a degree from the Dalhousie University Acting Programme and has been acting, teaching and creating for 20 years. For Further information see:

BOUFFON 15 hrs- 250€
RED NOSE 3hrs- 50 €

SUDDEN THEATRE, 14 Bis Rue Sainte Isaure, Paris, France

These Workshops are also available as part of "IPAN Menu" options, with reductions available for participants who decide to take multiple Workshops.

Other workshops include,Roy Hart Voice, Commedia del Arte Mask & Quantum theatre.


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